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About Us


Healthcare waste management is a serious public health concern. In developing countries, compared to developed nations, the management of infectious wastes has not received sufficient attention. In 2011 WCC did a report on biomedical waste management by hospitals and not a single hospital in Nepal had proper waste management techniques. Basically, there are none enterprises to provide a complete solution for biomedical waste. Installation of individual treatment facilities by small healthcare units require complex/high level management and comparatively high capital investment. Likewise, the inability of municipality to prioritize even its basic devoir is restraining biomedical waste management to be prioritized as a serious issue. Thus, a common treatment facility seems to be the only effective solution.

About waste service

Waste Service is a private waste management organization, established in 2014 with the vision  to nullify the threats of hazardous biomedical waste for the promotion of health and sustainable environment. It is dedicated to the use of sound, scientific and environment friendly techniques for the management of healthcare waste.

Our mission is to become a valued partner to our customers and to make a significant contribution towards preserving environment by providing a common and sustainable solution for biomedical wastes.

Waste Service aims to:

  • Protect public health by reducing the impact of exposure of employees, patients, attendants, and entire community to hazardous HCWs
  • Promote the concept of 3R( Reuse, Reduce and Recycle)
  • Promote conformity with regulatory requirement
  • Develop tri-partite partnerships among local governments, civil society and health institutions towards the creation of healthier environment
  • Give required consultancies to the institutions that aim to create the same impact as ours
  • Conduct research and experiments regarding bio-medical waste management
  • Create job opportunities by engaging people in recycling of waste

Our Team

Sanotsh Poudel

Santosh Poudel


Kishor Poudel

Director/ Senior Supervisor

Er.Chiranjibi Gautam


Parbati Adhikari

Project Officer

Rita Poudel


CA Anil Lamichhane

Finance Director

Our Clinets

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