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Collection and temporary or on-site storage

Wastes should not be allowed to accumulate at the point of production. The segregated waste at the source are collected when the containers are about three-quarters full and transported to temporary storage site. These containers are labelled with the name of its source in order to trace the waste back to its source if required. The temporary storage of waste are done in separate color-coded containers, provided by waste service, as per their treatment options viz. Autoclaving, Encapsulation and Deep burial respectively. Likewise, the general waste are temporarily stored but in a separate room. The site, duration and the conditions for temporary storage are as per the WHO recommendations.

The person responsible for collection of healthcare wastes carry a register with him to maintain the records such as name of the healthcare unit, the type and quantity of waste received, signature of the authorized person from the healthcare unit side, day and time of collection etc.